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Online ‘virtual counselling’ service launches for gay men struggling with drugs and chemsex

Indonesian University launches programme to ‘normalise’ LGBT people

Ex student counselor sues university which kicked him out for excluding gay couples

Memorandum on rejecting ‘conversion therapy’ published

Archbishop of Singapore: I pray the Holy Spirit cures all gay people

Jamaica: Parents tell newspaper they would ‘disown’ gay children

UKIP Scottish chair told to have counselling for saying Glasgow Council for ‘gays and Communists’

London counselling centre reports almost a 400% increase in LGBT couples seeking its services

Catholic US Military Chaplains are banned from conducting gay funerals, weddings, or counselling

London counselling service awarded honour for LGBT inclusivity

US: Pastor arrested, accused of sexually assaulting subjects of ‘gay cure’ counselling

Mustafa Ali (R), Fadzil Noor (C) and Mahfuz Omar (L). UPALI ATURUGIRI/AFP/Getty Images

Malaysia announces funding for counsellors to tackle gay ‘phenomenon’

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