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LGBT Conservatives tried to shame Stormzy for his past use of homophobic slurs, but it majorly backfired

Boris Johnson

Tories join all other major parties in committing to end traumatising conversion therapy

Ryan Houghton

Tory candidate suspended for homophobia and antisemitism will keep his ‘lucrative’ city council roles

Boris Johnson defends banning gay people from joining the military in shocking article

Gay Tory

Now an actual gay Tory is arguing it can be harder to come out as Tory than come out as gay

Linden Kemkaran

Conservative candidate compares ‘abuse’ she receives for being a Tory to homophobia and transphobia. Yes, really

Boris Johnson wants you to ‘fight’ HIV despite not including a single commitment to PrEP in Tory manifesto

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s resurfaced novel contains horrific ‘racist, misogynistic, homophobic’ references

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry shares fact-checking election video about Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

Brexit Party

A gay Brexit Party candidate is taking his Tory rival to task over links with a ‘homophobic’ group

Ryan Houghton

Tory general election candidate suspended after saying homosexuality isn’t ‘good for the human race’

Tory ex-minister for mental health says she agrees with Piers Morgan that gender debate is ‘absolutely f**king nuts’

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