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Graham Norton dog

Graham Norton had to deny having sex with his dog after a condom turned up in an odd place

WATCH: A Mexican politician showed a class how to put a condom on with your mouth and people aren’t happy!

Young people ‘failed by sex ed’ as under-24s now account for a THIRD of sexually transmitted infections

The ‘eggplant flavoured’ Durex condom actually carries an important message

Study finds the more sex queer men have the more likely they are to practice safe sex

Local authorities told to give free condoms to gay people to curb HIV transmissions

The 7 gayest things to happen so far on Pokemon Go

WARNING: Anti-gay Christian activists handing out fake condoms at Pride events

Charlie Sheen endorses new tear-resistant, anti-slip condom brand

Condom emoji could soon be introduced in bid to promote safe-sex

Pope Francis: It’s aggressive narcissism to teach kids about safe sex and protection

Condom company under fire for ‘sick’ AIDS jokes in Tinder PR stunt

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