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Don Lemon (L) in a suit and tie and Kayleigh McEnany in a purple dress

Don Lemon has had it with Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany – officially: ‘Girl, bye’

Cher denied the opportunity to volunteer for the US Postal Service

Cher has had a powerful affinity with gay men since she was nine-years-old. Here’s why

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper eviscerates ‘deserter’ Donald Trump over preposterous ‘wartime president’ claim

The CNN anchor spoke about being subjected to horrendous abuse

Don Lemon emotionally reflects on being called the N-word and ‘f*g’ for the first time in his 30-year career by Trump supporters

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper suffers hilarious slip of the tongue live on air and let’s just say we’ll never be able to think of Twitter the same way

With tension rising and only hours before election day, Anderson Cooper tore into Donald Trump's playbook of voter suppression. (Screen capture via CNN)

Anderson Cooper calls out Donald Trump’s voter suppression attempts as ‘complete BS’

Don Lemon and Mary Trump. (Screen capture via Facebook)

Mary Trump eviscerates her uncle Donald’s Village People ‘dancing’ and Don Lemon can’t handle it

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper looking like he’s having an out of body experience while ‘Macho Man’ interrupts a live Trump rally report is truly all of us

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper makes important point about ‘reckless’ COVID-infected Trump: Gay people with HIV can be arrested

Anderson Cooper breaks down in tears

Anderson Cooper breaks down in tears after COVID-19 patient congratulates him on birth of son

Anderson Cooper (R) tore into Mike Lindell for peddling an unproven cure to the coronavirus. (Screen capture via Twitter/CNN)

Anderson Cooper defiantly confronts ‘snake oil salesman’ and friend of Donald Trump peddling coronavirus ‘cure’

Trans men 'less likely' to go for smear tests than cis women, doctors say

We regret to inform you that ignorant transphobes are once again trying to weaponise cervical cancer for their own agenda

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