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Gay couple win damages after county clerk calls them an ‘abomination’

Taxpayers on the hook for Kim Davis legal battle after judge rules she doesn’t have to pay

Lawsuit filed over lesbian couple ‘branded an abomination’ by government official

Kim Davis could be landed with $233,058 legal bill over marriage fight

Kim Davis facing another lawsuit because she wouldn’t let a man marry his laptop

Court shoots down Mississippi law allowing government officials to ‘opt out’ of recognising gay weddings

Kim Davis drops legal action after Governor strips all Kentucky clerks of marriage duties

Kim Davis comes out against Kentucky’s new ‘segregated’ gay marriage law

Clerk may have ‘violated constitution’ by telling lesbians: God is judging you for marrying

Clerk tells lesbian couple ‘God is judging’ them… as they tried to get married

Court rules that Kim Davis is no longer breaking the law, because she’s finally letting gays marry

Kim Davis admits she ‘failed miserably’ at marriage herself before blocking gay weddings

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