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Merritt Corrigan Trump

Trump appointee fired from White House after defending blistering homophobia and transphobia as her ‘Christian beliefs’

Trans woman and cis wife reveal the inappropriate questions strangers ask

Trans woman and her cis wife reveal the outrageously inappropriate questions they get asked by complete strangers

Business urged to include Mx on forms to recognise non-binary customers

What is cisgender? Here’s what cis means and why it definitely isn’t a slur

Cisgender is a 'politicised' word that shouldn't be in the census, says Kenneth Gibson

Politician says ‘cisgender’ is a new and ‘politicised’ word despite being used for decades

cisgender same-sex couple with baby

Cisgender same-sex couples making babies together without a donor could soon become a reality

Transgender woman opens up about being misgendered at drag show

Transgender woman opens up about being misgendered at drag show

TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer

Julia Hartley-Brewer bans the word ‘cis’ on TalkRadio show

Sex hormone genes could determine a person’s gender identity

Straight people hijacked the National Coming Out Day hashtag because of course they did

‘Heterosexual Pride Day’ is trending top worldwide, because of course it is

Laverne Cox has spoken about cisgender actors being cast in trans roles

Trans kids ‘never significantly differ’ from cis kids of their gender

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