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US: Indiana National Guard says benefits were not denied to same-sex couples, just ‘delayed’

US: Defence Secretary says refusing same-sex IDs is ‘wrong’

US: Top officials urge the Pentagon to force National Guards to process same-sex benefits

Gay US military personnel to be granted leave to marry in states where equal marriage is legal

US: Pentagon to extend some benefits to same-sex military spouses by end of August

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel pays tribute to gay troops in Pride speech

Chuck Hagel confirmed as US Defence Secretary despite past anti-gay remarks

Chuck Hagel defends values and reputation in front of Armed Services Senate Committee

Chuck Hagel supports equal benefits for same-sex military couples

US: Gay former ambassador forgives Chuck Hagel for anti-gay remarks

President Obama appoints Chuck Hagel — but gay rights groups express reservations

Obama: I believe Chuck Hagel’s apology for anti-gay comments and he’s the right man for the job

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