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Pope’s endorsement of same-sex unions could be ‘breakthrough’ in fighting Polish homophobia, activists say

Caroline Farrow: NHS rainbow lanyards are 'deeply misogynistic'

Anti-gay, anti-trans activist Caroline Farrow invited, uninvited, then re-invited to debate sex work at University of Exeter

Conversion therapy

Bishop who called for gay conversion camps claims it’s a ‘misconception’ the church wants to force queer people into harmful ‘therapy’

Auxiliary Bishop Gerard Battersby penned orders to clergy on behalf of the Archdiocese of Detroit

Bishop forbids queer Catholics from meeting in churches and attending Mass – just like Jesus wanted

Sugar daddy Catholic priest swapped nudes with teenage boy on Grindr

‘Sugar daddy’ Catholic priest ‘swapped nudes’ with teenage boy on Grindr

Catholic school

Students unite in support of gay teacher sacked from Catholic school because of his sexuality

Catholic leader bizarrely claims LGBT people are being ‘mass produced’

Thousands are dying from coronavirus, but this Catholic group wants to warn you about the ‘mass production’ of LGBT+ people

Rev. Kori Pacyniak, the newly-ordained pastor of San Diego’s Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community

Non-binary bisexual Catholic priest wants you to know people of all genders are created in God’s image

Catholic cardinal Reinhard Marx

Catholic cardinal says gay people can be blessed but cannot have ‘a marriage-like relationship’

Church backs priest who denied communion to a lesbian judge because she’s gay

Russia's openly gay priest leads a service in St Petersburg

Meet Russia’s gay priest: “The church should reach out”

Catholic priest who burned rainbow flag ‘removed from church’

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