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Rev. Kori Pacyniak, the newly-ordained pastor of San Diego’s Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community

Non-binary bisexual Catholic priest wants you to know people of all genders are created in God’s image

Catholic cardinal Reinhard Marx

Catholic cardinal says gay people can be blessed but cannot have ‘a marriage-like relationship’

Church backs priest who denied communion to a lesbian judge because she’s gay

Russia's openly gay priest leads a service in St Petersburg

Meet Russia’s gay priest: “The church should reach out”

Catholic priest who burned rainbow flag ‘removed from church’

Catholic priest in Chicago proudly cuts up and burns LGBT flag

LGBT Catholics challenge Pope’s claim that gay families ‘aren’t valid’

catholic school refuses to fire gay teacher

Pope Francis tells a gay man that ‘God made you like this and loves you’

The Pope claims accepting transgender people will make everyone infertile

Catholic Church in Mexico apologises after saying ‘man’s anus is not designed to receive’

Gay sex-scandal engulfs Catholic seminary amid allegations of Grindr use

Pope says Church should apologise to gays… a month after saying Catholics should be free to discriminate

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