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Sean Patrick Maloney looks upwards as he speaks to reporters, their arms raised while holding mobile phones

Gay Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney was ‘ready to fight MAGA a*sholes’ who stormed the US Capitol

President Donald Trump walks to the White House residence on January 12

Every single LGBT+ House representative played a crucial role in impeaching Donald Trump for a historic second time

Ken Buck: Republican blames Capitol riots on Madonna and Kathy Griffin

Moronic Republican congressman blames Capitol riots on Madonna and Kathy Griffin

Lana Del Rey and Donald Trump

Lana Del Rey insists claim Donald Trump ‘didn’t know he was inciting a riot’ has been taken out of context

Out congressman David Cicilline

Gay congressman leading efforts to impeach Trump reveals chilling threats sent by white supremacists

Rioters clash with police at the Capitol riots

Lesbian teen kicked out for supporting Black Lives Matter outs mother, aunt and uncle for rioting at Capitol

Donald Trump Jr smiles to the camera as his father watches footage of his supporters at a rally

Donald Trump and his cronies danced to an 80s gay anthem before white supremacists stormed the Capitol

India Willoughby this morning

India Willoughby faces blistering backlash after ‘horrendous’ take on US Capitol riots on This Morning

Jason Alexander: Britney Spears' ex-husband attended US Capitol chaos

Britney Spears’ anti-vaxxer, flat-Earther ex-husband boasts about attending US Capitol chaos

Former acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell

Not even a white supremacist insurrection can stop Richard Grenell parroting Donald Trump’s lies about election fraud

Lucy Lawless as Xena

Xena legend Lucy Lawless slams Hercules star Kevin Sorbo for peddling disturbing Capitol riot conspiracy

Transphobe and spineless Trump sycophant Betsy DeVos resigns

Even transphobe and spineless Trump sycophant Betsy DeVos has resigned over white supremacy riots

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