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Canada's Parliament unanimously condemned the Proud Boys as a white supremacist terror organisation.

White supremacist group Proud Boys officially designated terrorists in unanimous vote

Disgraced Tory MP and former leadership hopeful Derek Sloan

Shameless pro-conversion therapy MP Derek Sloan finally kicked out of party after accepting white supremacist funds

Dairy Queen cake with icing that reads "happy birthday lesbian"

Dairy Queen owner refuses to write ‘happy birthday lesbian’ on cake because ‘it’s a family establishment’

Dozens of cars snaking a Roa/Dozens more parked up with trans Pride flags and banners

Trans teen violently attacked by school bullies. Her ‘whole community’ turned out a kaleidoscopic show of support

Court gavel leaning against books

Mother who lied to court to block trans son’s gender-affirming surgery shut down by judge

Conservative MP Derek Sloan, who accepted a donation from a neo-Nazi

Anti-LGBT+ MP faces boot from party after accepting donation from ‘well-known white supremacist’

Catholic school board cuts crucial LGBT+ lifeline from nearly 200 schools over ‘porno’ lies

Woman in clothes shop

This trans woman was kicked out of a clothing store after making shoppers ‘uncomfortable’. Now she’s fighting back

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sharing your pronouns in court becomes mandatory after trans-inclusive rule change

blood ban

Gay MP boldly confronts health minister over failure to end queer blood ban: ‘Does she not feel comfortable taking my blood?’

BBC boss caught watching child abuse says he was a 'lonely gay man'

University fraternity says Black, gay and Jewish people should be ‘lynched’ in group chat seething with hate

Disgraced Tory MP and former leadership hopeful Derek Sloan

Conservative politician shamelessly brags about voting against ban on conversion therapy as he begs for donations

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