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homophobic abuse Sellafield

Nuclear power plant faces £1.7m whistleblower claim over ‘toxic’ homophobia, bullying allegations

LGBT person alone sad

LGBT+ youth more than twice as likely to be sexually harassed than their straight peers

Boris Johnson leaving Downing Street

Government plans crack down on ‘rape culture’ in schools after axing LGBT+ anti-bullying programme

Sad and disappointed teenagers boy sitting indoors in abandoned building

Gay teen stripped naked and forced to masturbate by school bullies

homophobic abuse Sellafield

Homophobic, racist and sexist bullying at power plant so pervasive it prompts nuclear safety fears

Catholic bishop

Catholic bishops send powerful message of solidarity to LGBT+ kids everywhere: ‘God loves you’

Tories are condemning LGBT kids by axing vital anti-bullying funding

Tories are ‘condemning young people to bullying’ by axing vital funding to protect LGBT+ school kids

Tory review of Human Rights Act puts LGBT rights at risk, warns Amnesty

Tories axe vital funding to protect LGBT+ kids from bullying. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson just green-lit billions in defence spending

Student protests are planned at Durham University after a controversial speech by Rod Liddle

‘Co-ordinated attack’ on LGBT+ students by group of 15 anonymous homophobes leaves queer freshers terrified

Almost every single LGBT+ student faces homophobia or transphobia from classmates, disturbing report reveals

Mother threatens to sue after teacher ‘bullied’ her gay daughter for holding her girlfriend’s hand

Shore School bullying

Elite boys school was a hotbed of ‘daily sustained violent homophobia’ and ‘hyper masculine’ bullying, ex-students claim

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