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After months of sheltering in their homes, Gary Whiting (L) took Richard Earley (R) on "holiday" to Athens, Greece. (Instagram)

This gay couple’s holiday was harpooned by coronavirus – so they had an ingenious trip to Athens from the comfort of their couch

Lawyer apologises for comparing Dominic Cummings to 'man with HIV'

Lawyer best-known for clubbing a fox to death apologises after comparing Dominic Cummings to ‘a man with HIV having unprotected sex’

Bus company apologises after rebranding a Pride bus into an NHS bus

Bus company issues clumsy apology after blistering backlash over its rebranding of a ‘Pride bus’ into an ‘NHS bus’

Bus company apologises after rebranding a Pride bus into an NHS bus

A bus company rebranded its ‘Pride bus’ to an ‘NHS bus’ and it angered LGBT+ people and healthcare workers alike

British ambassador wears defiant rainbow face mask in Poland, where a third of the country has been declared ‘LGBT-free’

Gay TV presenter Phillip Schofield echoed the anger and confusion felt by Britons after Boris Johnson's coronavirus address was accused of being vague. (Screen capture via ITV)

Phillip Schofield brutally dismantles government’s new coronavirus advice in sweary rant – and he doesn’t hold back

Barrie Drewitt Barlow first gay dad

Britain’s ‘first gay dad’ gives surprise update on pregnancy with daughter’s ex-boyfriend

In a rare televised speech, Queen Elizabeth II addressed Britons shaken by the uncertainty of coronavirus. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

The Queen praised kids drawing rainbows during her historic address. The same rainbows transphobic mums are raging against

Gran who crocheted Pride blanket for granddaughter dies of coronavirus

Legendary grandma who crocheted a Pride blanket for her granddaughter when she came out dies of coronavirus


Journalist absurdly claims ‘gays and ethnic minorities’ are ‘over-represented’ on TV and the backlash is fierce

Pat Carberry (R), a gay firefighter, was targeted with homophobic abuse by brexiteers

Hero firefighter hit with barrage of vile homophobic abuse from Brexiteers after calling out racism

Gay dads. (From L to R): Scott, Tony, Barrie and Saffron. (Screen capture via ITV)

Britain’s first queer dads split after one falls ‘head over heels’ for daughter’s ex-boyfriend

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