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Trans people with accurate IDs have better mental health

Having a passport or birth certificate with the correct gender can literally save the lives of trans people, study confirms

same-sex parents Indiana

Same-sex parents can now be named on children’s birth certificates after landmark Indiana court ruling

Canadian province ordered to pay $50,000 to trans person who was refused an X on their birth certificate

Colorado Representative Brianna Titone, the first transgender lawmaker in the state, with a friend

Colorado could pass law giving transgender people new birth certificates

New Jersey is set to introduce gender neutral birth certificates

Ireland has allowed lesbian parents to both be registered on birth certificates, as represented by these two women with a baby

Ireland set to allow lesbian parents to be on birth certificates

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits down at the Bundestag

German parliament adds third gender to birth certificates

Arkansas supreme court rules that gay couples can’t be listed on their kids’ birth certificates

Court rules that gay parents can’t be listed on their children’s birth certificates

Judge refuses to recognise gay men as parents

New York City to decide on easing requirements for birth certificate gender changes

Mitt Romney: ‘Some gays are actually having children. It’s not right’

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