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Ann Coulter: ‘People would rather risk getting Ebola that being called a homophobe’

Fox News reporter mocks Pride-goers: ‘Are you sure you don’t like girls?’

US: Anti-gay Republican attacks Fox News for not being homophobic enough

Bill O’Reilly: Gay marriage winning because of ‘threats and demonisation’

US: Fox Host Bill O’Reilly says he is worried about ‘homosexual overtones’ in the girl scouts

Anti-gay group accuses Fox News of caving into ‘pro-homosexual bias’

US: Fox Host who previously defended equal marriage now says it could legalise polygamy

US radio host and GOP guest: Gay ‘lifestyle’ should be treated like drug addiction and alcoholism

Video: Bill O’Reilly in spat with Christian radio host over ‘bible thumpers’ comment

Video: Bryan Fischer calls Bill O’Reilly a ‘pompous, arrogant windbag’

US talk show host condemns ‘fraud’ Bill O’Reilly for supporting equal marriage

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