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Bisexual Awareness Week: A transgender man on navigating bisexuality

As a proud transgender bisexual man, my labels are comforting, freeing and feel like home

5 tips on coming out as LGBT to make your experience happier and safer

6 mistakes people make about bisexuality that are ridiculously easy to put right if you want to be an ally

Bisexual Awareness Week: 20 bi stars making the world a better place

20 bisexual stars and activists who’re living loudly, proudly and making the world a better place

GRAMMYs Lady Gaga

GRAMMYs accused of bi-erasure for forgetting Lady Gaga exists

Man wife gay

This guy thinks his wife is gay because she has ‘intense friendships’ with other women. Yes, really


Wife is furious her husband used to sleep with his gay friend, assumes he must be cheating and the biphobia is real

Closeted bi guy in five-year relationship wants to explore his feelings for men but doesn’t know how

Bisexual people who are fully out are having worse sex, and researchers think it's due to bi-erasure

Bisexual people who are fully out are having worse sex, and researchers think it’s due to bi-erasure


Woman thinks her bisexual boyfriend is secretly gay because he’s ‘flamboyant’ and it’s textbook bi erasure

biphobia and bi erasure

Bisexual people are suffering serious health risks as a result of bi erasure and biphobia

Tyler Blackburn

Pretty Little Liars’ Tyler Blackburn comes out as bisexual

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz on her bisexuality: ‘I’m marrying a man, but I’m still bi’

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