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Women are still opposed to anti-LGBT ‘bathroom’ laws, despite scaremongering campaign

Woman who was attacked in bathroom slams anti-trans activists for ‘exploiting’ her sexual assault

Texas Senate passes draconian transgender bathroom bill after scaremongering campaign

North Carolina Dems propose law to tackle bathroom crimes instead of trans people

Transgender people skip food and drink to avoid using public bathrooms

Alabama Republicans want to introduce actual real-life bathroom police

Transgender Flag

Churches drop lawsuit which argued that trans discrimination protection violated their rights

Gender-neutral toilet

Women don’t actually support laws to ban trans people from women’s bathrooms

Republican Steve King: Evidence for gay parenting could be fake, like global warming research

A third of North Carolina voters think Hillary Clinton might actually be Satan

Republican lawmaker trying to ban trans people from Congress toilets

Vile ad attempting to stop LGBT rights laws depicts man raping small girl

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