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Dutch government uncovers network training Ugandan asylum seekers to pretend to be LGBT

Netherlands uncovers shady criminal network that helps Ugandan asylum seekers pretend to be LGBT+

LGBT+ asylum seekers pose for a picture at a temporary shelter in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, on January 19, 2020.

Trump administration slams door on LGBT+ asylum seekers with ‘impossible’ plan to let judges reject cases without hearing

South Africa

Queer refuges and asylum seekers face starvation while being overlooked by COVID-19 state aid programmes


Gay Pakistani asylum seekers thrown a vital lifeline after being denied visas because their sexuality was deemed ‘implausible’

US detention centre ignored trans immigrants’ desperate pleas for medical attention, inspection reveals

Lesbian speaks out about the heartbreaking process of trying to ‘prove’ your sexuality to the government

Saudi Arabian lesbian couple declare their love to the world on Arabic TV show

gay Saudi asylum

Australian government has bungled the release of two gay Saudi asylum seekers in detention

Australian government urged to expedite asylum claim of two gay Saudi journalists who are still in detention

A trans refugee protesting the conditions of the Kakuma Refugee camp was allegedly assaulted by law enforcement. (Supplied)

Kenyan police brutally beat and lob teargas bombs at queer refugees peacefully protesting the camp’s horrific conditions

A trans refugee was attacked by a "homophobic group" on November 19. (Facebook)

Just hours after a trans asylum seeker was attacked by a mob, homophobes pelted LGBT refugees with stones

Ahead of the general election, the Liberal Democrat party have pledged to prioritise LGBT+ asylum seekers. (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Liberal Democrats vow to ‘end culture of disbelief for LGBT+ asylum seekers’

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