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Non-binary artist who won landmark asylum claim is 'one of the lucky ones'

Non-binary asylum seeker who won landmark appeal to stay in UK recalls horrific beating at hands of police

Home office LGBT+ asylum seekers

Lesbian who was gang-raped after being unlawfully deported wins stunning court victory against Home Office

The national flag of Ghana, where being LGBT+ is heavily criminalised.

Asylum seeker beaten, doused in petrol and threatened with beheading by his own dad finally told he deserves refuge

uganda lesbian granted asylum in germany

Ugandan lesbian granted asylum in Germany, but judge insists it will not set a precedent for LGBT asylum seekers

Gay Saudi journalists

Two Saudi journalists being held in asylum centre after being outed as gay by government for contact with foreign media

Transgender woman Roxsana Hernandez, who died while seeking asylum in the US from AIDS related illness.

Immigration officials deleted vital video of a transgender asylum seeker who died in custody

A trans refugee held by ICE for 20 months has finally been released

LGBT+ rights campaigners complain of a "culture of disbelief” in the Home Office's treatment of LGBT+ asylum seekers.

Court accepted gay asylum seeker before claiming boyfriend isn’t ‘effeminate’ enough

Interpreters have used derogatory slang and made judgements about asylum applicants' sexual orientation or gender identity

A judge rejected an LGBT+ asylum seeker for not having a gay ‘demeanour’

Transgender asylum seeker dies in Texas after six weeks in ICE custody

LGBT refugees explain why they fled to the US

Afghan teenager denied asylum in Austria because he doesn’t ‘act or dress’ gay

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