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Matt Walsh joked – we hope, at least – that men shouldn't use emojis. (Facebook/Emojipedia)

Conservative pundit thinks no ‘grown adult man’ should use emojis and we’ve never seen masculinity this fragile

Anas and Asala Marwah staged an elaborate gender reveal party in Dubai, splashing the gender of their unborn baby onto the Burj Khalifa. (Screen captures via YouTube)

Dubai influencers project ‘It’s a boy!’ on world’s tallest tower in ‘truly unhinged’ gender reveal party. It cost $140,000

A firefighter has died in the wildfire caused by a gender-reveal party

Woman who popularised gender reveal parties says enough is enough after latest disaster causes destruction and devastation

Curtis Jackson 50 Cent homophobia

Multi-millionaire 50 Cent whinges that heterosexual men are the biggest targets of cancel culture

A woman showed she can deadlift more than her boyfriend, and his bruised toxic masculinity lashed out in the worst way. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

Guy sickened with a bad case of toxic masculinity berates his girlfriend because she can deadlift more than him

Straight man thinks his baby is gay because he likes flowers. Yes, really

This dad thinks his infant child is gay because he likes flowers and bananas. Toxic masculinity has reached new heights

anal sex

A British newspaper decided that the coronavirus pandemic was the perfect time to ‘demystify’ anal sex

Straight man eats his semen after masturbating as part of a 'magical' ritual

Straight man eats his own semen after masturbating as part of a ‘magical’ ritual

Straight man

This bizarre story about a straight man and a cauliflower will make you feel better about your romantic life

In short: No. Breastfeeding will not make your daughter a lesbian. Next.

Meet the straight man who is genuinely afraid that breastfeeding will make his kid a lesbian

Lesbians are criticising the BBC for its 'transphobic campaign'

The LGB Alliance, which claims to fight for lesbian, gay and bi people, has changed its logo and people are pointing out the obvious

‘Gender-neutral cocktails’ created to protect fragile masculinity of men who won’t drink ‘feminine’ cocktails

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