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Archbishop of Krakow Marek Jedraszewski addresses the crowd outside Mariacki Basilica in Krakow ahead of the Easter food blessing on Holy Saturday.

Archbishop claims a ‘rainbow plague’ is afflicting Poland

This lesbian guidance counsellor was fired for being married, now students are fighting back

Catholic Archbishop: Ban same-sex marriage because government should stay out the bedroom

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Archbishop of Canterbury: Gay people are not more sinful than anyone else

Archbishop of York: Tim Farron is ‘not qualified’ to say whether gay sex is a sin

Church of England softens stance on LGBT issues after defeat of controversial report

Homophobic church teachings cause LGB suicide and self-harm, report warns

College professor compares LGBT students to Nazis

‘Gaystapo’ row as anti-gay Archbishop has photo removed from uni display

Archbishop weeps as his church votes to reject gay unions

Archbishop of Canterbury: We must embrace people who think gays are ‘deeply wrong’

Archbishop John Sentamu: Homosexuality is not a sin, LGBT people were created in God’s image too

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