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Caroline Farrow: NHS rainbow lanyards are 'deeply misogynistic'

Anti-gay, anti-trans activist Caroline Farrow thinks NHS rainbow lanyards are a ‘hostile political symbol’

Paint colours gender stereotypes

Anti-trans ‘feminist’ vows to fight gender stereotypes by renaming paint colours. Weird flex, but OK

Dawn Foster transphobe email

Journalist Dawn Foster threatened with rape simply for being a trans ally, showing how vile transphobes truly are

Duncan Bannatyne has archaic views on trans people and changing rooms

Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne wants to stop trans women using women’s changing rooms

Anti-trans 'concerns' over puberty blockers have reached Sweden

Anti-trans ‘concerns’ over ‘experimental’ puberty blockers have reached Sweden

Online abuse Stephanie Hayden (left), a trans woman, was allegedly misgendered in "targeted" online abuse by Kate Scottow (Twitter/MailOnline)

Trans woman wishes Twitter troll Kate Scottow ‘all the best’ after guilty verdict is handed down in landmark case

Amanda Stoker: Politician who says being gay is a choice is also anti-trans

Christian politician who thinks being gay is a ‘choice’ comes out as a ‘massive transphobe’, to the surprise of no one

Pope accepts resignation of archbishop who thinks being gay is a choice

Pope accepts resignation of conservative archbishop who thinks people choose to be gay

feminist choir

This angry white man is absolutely raging over a feminist choir singing about their vaginas

Trump-appointed Judge Kyle Duncan of US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to use the inmates correct name and pronouns

Trump-appointed judge rules trans people do not have the right to be referred to by correct pronouns

JK Rowling

Quidditch is drawing more and more LGBT players, despite JK Rowling’s recent anti-trans comments

Teen interrupts Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil with vile transphobia and violent threats

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