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Republican bill would ban US Embassies from flying Pride flags

camberwell green court

Gay man reveals how alleged abuser hurled homophobic abuse at him during trial while magistrate laughed

BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 15: Gay couple Kai (L) and Michael Korok and their daughter Jana, 4, attend the opening of Germany's first gay parent counseling center on March 15, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The Regenbogenfamilien Zentrum (Rainbow Families Center) will provide counseling and other services to families with gay, lesbian and transgender parents. Gay marriage is legal in Germany though gay couples are not entitled to the same full legal rights as heterosexual couples, and the issue of child adoption by gay couples remains legally somewhat complicated. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Kansas and Oklahoma have made it legal to discriminate against same-sex couples who want to adopt

Gay man says he was called ‘greedy faggot’ and ‘bitchy poof’ by his bosses

Men ‘hounded out of their homes’ after celebrating repeal of Trinidad and Tobago’s anti-gay law

Ugandan MPs want to reintroduce anti-homosexuality law that could imprison gay people for life

A gay male couple representing same-sex couples who have a child through an adoption agency

Kansas rejects bill to make anti-gay discrimination legal

The flag of Bermuda flies in Hamilton

Bermuda faces fresh lawsuit over anti-gay marriage law

US Supreme Court will let Mississippi ‘freedom to discriminate’ law stand

Canadian Prime Minister tears up as he apologises for ‘devastating’ historic LGBT convictions

conversion therapy Photo: (GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Canada to pay $145 million compensation for homophobic persecution

St Petersburg Pride in Russia

Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law has led to a huge rise in anti-LGBT attacks

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