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Archbishop Glenn Davies Australia Anglican Church

Archbishop receives standing ovation for telling supporters of same-sex marriage to ‘leave’ church

Gay Anglican priests married blessing

Two gay priests got married, but now their love is being dragged through the courts

Protesters support same-sex marriage in 2017—the issue has long been dividing the Anglican Church, with the Archbishop of Canterbury refusing to invite same-sex couples to the Lambeth 2020 conference.

Gay bishop protests husband’s exclusion from 2020 Lambeth Conference

Justine Greening getty

Education Secretary Justine Greening tells the Church to ‘keep up’ on same-sex marriage

Cleric Jeffrey John allegedly denied promotion in the church because of sexuality

The Texas Baptists are kicking out a Dallas church that voted to perform gay marriages

Anglican Church claims equal marriage will lead to gay couples ‘enslaving women’

Archbishop weeps as his church votes to reject gay unions

Stonewall chief: Anglican split could be ‘incredibly dangerous’ for LGBT people

Anglican Church of New Zealand ‘exploring ways’ to bless same-sex relationships

Rowan Williams: People still say I let them down on gay rights, but an Archbishop can’t be a campaigner

Head of Ugandan Church rebukes UK Archbishops by saying: ‘Homosexuality incompatible with Scripture’

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