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Polish Remove-Her, Alexis Saint-Pete and Polka Dot. (Aimee McGhee)

Polish drag queen fighting homophobia with Slavic pop warns Boris Johnson: ‘Don’t end up next to Poland in history books’


Poland denies persecuting LGBT+ people – yes, really – as 50 diplomats plead with government to stop the hate

The President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen

‘LGBT-free zones’ are humanity-free zones and have no place in the European Union, says president Ursula von der Leyen

Robert Biedron LGBT+ poland

Poland’s hateful crusade against LGBT+ folk compared to dehumanising treatment of Jews before World War Two

LGBT free zone stickers

Polish MEP disgracefully denies the existence of ‘LGBT-free zones’. He claims they’re just a ‘joke told by left-wing activists’

Poland Gdansk LGBT gay

Polish queer activists put ‘vagina-shaped halo’ on the Virgin Mary and homophobes are inexplicably furious

Polish gay couple travel to the vatican

Polish gay couple travel to the Vatican to unfurl a giant Pride flag in front of Pope Francis, begging for ‘help’

poland anti-lgbt foreign minister Zbigniew Rau

Poland’s hateful new foreign minister thinks ‘LGBT+ ideology’ promotes paedophilia, zoophilia and cannibalism. Yes, really

Margaret Atwood Luca Guadagnino Judith Butler LGBT Poland

Margaret Atwood, Ed Harris, Judith Butler and more call out Poland’s hateful homophobia in powerful open letter

Far-right protesters attempt to burn a rainbow flag as they protest against the LGBT community on August 16, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland.

Homophobic thugs take to the streets in Warsaw, Poland, to burn flame-resistant rainbow flags and demand a ban on Prides

Poland: Gay man beaten up with 'telescopic baton' in broad daylight

Meanwhile, in Andrzej Duda’s Poland, a gay man was brutally attacked by drunk thugs in broad daylight. And nobody helped

Poland: MP slammed as 'lesbian plague' in threatening, homophobic letter

Polish MP labelled ‘lesbian plague’ in threatening letter after powerful show of solidarity with persecuted queer community

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