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Namibia: African nation on track to finally decriminalise gay sex

Namibia on track to finally decriminalise gay sex: ‘Freedom will ring!’

A selfie of Chris Moore. Chris Moore holds a copy of 'Fall Out' in a bookstore

I’m a versatile gay man but I can’t bottom. If I ever do, I could die

Graham Norton

Graham Norton reveals his 90s-era ‘anal sex and blow jobs’ routine was the work of straight men

A woman in Angus, Scotland, fell ill and died after drinking a bottle of poppers

A woman has died after drinking a whole bottle of poppers

Mohamad al-Bokari: Pro-LGBT blogger tortured by Saudi Arabia authorities

Saudi authorities beat blogger, subject him to anal exam and demand he ‘confess’ being gay – all because he supports LGBT+ rights

Little Richard: Tutti Frutti was actually a graphic, NSFW tribute to anal sex

Little Richard’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ was actually a graphic, NSFW tribute to hardcore anal sex

anal sex

A British newspaper decided that the coronavirus pandemic was the perfect time to ‘demystify’ anal sex

The Cock Destroyers, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson, have teamed up with Netflix

The C**k Destroyers are teaching inclusive sex education for Netflix and they’re doing a better job than most schools

A fan asked Charli XCX to sign an enema and Twitter felt very conflicted about it all. (Twitter)

Charli XCX signed a fan’s douche and gay Twitter has a lot of thoughts

The people of Twitter had some amazing clap backs to a homophobe. (Stock image)

Bigot claims homosexuality can’t be loving because anal sex is painful, gets quickly shut down with logic and reason

Bishop Neophytos of Morphou speaking into a microphone

People are actually defending bishop who claimed homosexuality is transferred by anal sex

The Cyprus bishop made the surreal claim

Gay people exist because pregnant women have anal sex, claims bishop

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