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Tarana Burke says biggest failure was not supporting her non-binary child

The founder of Me Too thought her partner was being ‘sexist and homophobic’ by refusing a pink tote bag. Really, it was because of racism

Married at First sight lesbian couple

In a shocking Married at First Sight twist, its first lesbian bride is facing ‘blazing homophobia’ before her season has even aired in the US

trump administration US President Donald texas gay

Despite his best efforts and refusal to wear a face mask, Donald Trump has been branded the ‘least masculine’ president in modern history

Hillary Clinton

Around one in two queer and trans women supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US elections

An overwhelming number of Americans are actually in favour of workplace protections for LGBT people

Gay comedian Jaboukie Young-White pitched quite the idea to curb escalating gun violence (YouTube/Comedy Central)

Comedian has hilarious suggestion for stopping mass shootings: ‘We just need to make guns gay!’

Gay Asian Americans viewed as more ‘American’ than straight counterparts

Americans overestimate LGBT+ population in the US, survey finds

Donald Trump gesticulating as he speaks

Donald Trump sued over plan to discriminate against LGBT families

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Jane Castor is elected Tampa mayor.

Tampa elects its first lesbian mayor Jane Castor

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Florida International University on February 18, 2019 in Miami, Florida. President Trump spoke about the ongoing crisis in Venezuela

Only one-fifth of Americans think Trump is against white nationalism

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