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Walmart is under fire over the "Love is in the aisle" dating series

American Family Association attacks Walmart for ‘pro-homosexual’ advert

US Christian group claims gays are trying to ‘reintroduce slavery in the South’

Christian activist says opposing LGBT equality is ‘the only religious liberty issue that matters’

Evangelicals: Gay conservatives are a ‘rotting cancer’ on Republicans

Anti-gay group declare that only they know the true meaning of Christmas

Charity scheme set to expel anti-LGBT group over lack of any actual charity work

Christian ‘charity’ might be booted from state scheme over homophobic campaigns, lack of any actual charity work

Bigots really can’t handle this hotel advert featuring a clothed gay couple looking happy

Republican lobbyists: US should scrap HIV funding and just tell gays to stop having sex

Anti-trans group aims to stop men entering women’s toilets – by filling them with men

Target faces boycott from lots of people who don’t understand what transgender means

Anti-gay group declares that only they know the true meaning of Christmas

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