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This mum is convinced her daughter’s boyfriend is gay because he’s ‘thoughtful and nurturing’

Mostly straight guy falls for bisexual roommate in coronavirus lockdown

This ‘mostly straight’ guy is falling for his bisexual roommate while they’re stuck together in lockdown

boyfriend hates gay people

Teacher and ‘LGBT ally’ loves her boyfriend but is ‘hesitant’ to buy a house with him because he ‘hates gay people’

Man wife gay

This guy thinks his wife is gay because she has ‘intense friendships’ with other women. Yes, really

Closeted bi guy in five-year relationship wants to explore his feelings for men but doesn’t know how

Six-year-old tells his mum he wants to be gay when he grows up and she has the perfect response

Married dad of two says he ‘chose’ straight lifestyle despite knowing he’s gay

Courtney Act, who identifies as genderfluid

What does gender-fluid mean? Courtney Act explains how gender-fluidity set her free

Gavin Grimm has the perfect advice on how to deal with bullies

This gay Egyptian man granted asylum has inspiring advice for LGBT refugees

Russian government warns citizens not to be homophobic while on holiday in Europe

Trans wrestler Mack Beggs has important advice for the young trans community

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