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Activists march to US supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh's house, following the court's decision to uphold Texas' stringent abortion law.

‘Architect’ of reviled Texas abortion ban calls crucial LGBT+ rights ‘lawless judicial concoctions’

Tripwire Games president supports pro-abortion laws

Beleaguered Tripwire Games boss steps down following colossal backlash over anti-abortion tweet

Tripwire Games president supports pro-abortion laws

Tripwire Games boss sparks outrage by tweeting support for Texas abortion law: ‘what the f**k, man’

Tucker Carlson launched into a vile rant mocking trans people and pro-abortion advocates

Tucker Carlson targets trans men in unhinged abortion rant riddled with falsities

Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras

Honduras amends constitution to make legalising marriage equality almost impossible

Georgia voters targeted with vile anti-trans propaganda. It didn't work

Multi-millionaire senator vowed to donate her salary to charity. She gave thousands to anti-LGBT+ groups

Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito attacked marriage equality while giving the keynote speech at the Federalist Society convention

Supreme Court justice thinks Americans have more of a right to be homophobic than marry or have an abortion

The puberty blockers case could be a slippery slope for teen abortion rights

Denying trans kids puberty blockers could steal away the rights of all young people. Contraception and abortion could well be next

Right-wing pastor and professional weirdo Robert Henderson brags he ‘prayed for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death’

Mike Pompeo

Trump lackey Mike Pompeo to put same-sex marriage and LGBT+ rights in the firing line with sinister ‘human rights report’

Norma McCorvey, 1998, also known as Jane Roe in Roe v Wade, the case that legalised abortion in the US

The lesbian who switched sides in the Roe v Wade abortion fight said she only did it for the money

Jeff Leach: Texas lawmaker celebrates abortion ban with anti-LGBT group

Homophobic governor spends coronavirus lockdown celebrating a ban on abortions with an anti-LGBT+ group

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