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Rosalynne Montoya is a model, TikToker, makeup artist and content creator. (RosalynneMontoya/TikTok)

Trans woman shares ‘immense anxiety’ she feels going through airport security: ‘The system is broken’

TikTok Kalessh Christian woman heaven

Christian bigot interrupts teens’ meal to ‘save’ them from being gay. They caught the whole thing on camera

TikTok MissWIlla Marie Milla

Parents of trans kids urged to flee Alabama for ‘somewhere safe’ as total ban on trans youth healthcare passes

Karen throws homophobic fit as she asks teen if he 'likes it up the a**hole'

‘Hateful Karen’ throws homophobic fit as she asks teen if he ‘likes it up the a**hole’

That Vegan Teacher real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer

Banned vegan TikToker complains ‘veganphobia is real’ – after comparing animal rights to coming out as LGBT+

lgb alliance sea shanty

LGB Alliance releases toe-curlingly embarrassing sea shanty

Lizzy Caplan (L) and Daniel Franzese in Mean Girls. (Mean Girls/IMDb)

Mean Girls fan thinks we all missed the ‘most iconic joke’ in the entire film

that vegan teacher tiktok side by side

‘Animal rights activist’ thinks coming out as vegan is ‘much more special’ than coming out as LGBT+. Seriously

Non-binary student Shade has since been using their platform to document their campaigning for trans rights at their school.

Student expertly schools anti-trans professor who refused to use their correct pronouns

Lindsay Lohan gay Cameo

Lindsay Lohan sent a beautiful message of support to a fan preparing to come out. Then things got weird

Gay TikTok star Stephen Thomas Smith.

TikTok star Stephen Thomas Smith says people assume he can’t be gay because he’s disabled

Claudia Conway on TikTok

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter left ‘shaking’ after topless photo ‘accidentally posted to mother’s Twitter’

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