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Parents protest against anti trans legislation in texas

Proud parents of trans kids on the emotional, mental and financial costs of fighting transphobia

Protestors hold up signs at the Women's March and Rally for Abortion Justice in New York

Texas’ reviled abortion ban allowed to take effect again after court ruling

Crowds gather in New York City to protest the new abortion law in Texas

Texas’ reviled abortion ban temporarily blocked by judge: ‘The fight has only just begun’

Activists march to US supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh's house, following the court's decision to uphold Texas' stringent abortion law.

‘Architect’ of reviled Texas abortion ban calls crucial LGBT+ rights ‘lawless judicial concoctions’

Tripwire Games president supports pro-abortion laws

Beleaguered Tripwire Games boss steps down following colossal backlash over anti-abortion tweet

Tripwire Games president supports pro-abortion laws

Tripwire Games boss sparks outrage by tweeting support for Texas abortion law: ‘what the f**k, man’

Homophobe's rant about Disney sees her kicked off plane

Homophobe kicked off plane after furiously ranting about gays ‘corrupting Disney’

Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott

Republicans are going to unprecedented lengths to force through their cruel transphobia

Protect Trans kids

Texas poised to ban trans kids from playing sport

Bakery showered with love after being hit with backlash over Pride cookies

Bakery hit with bigoted backlash over delicious Pride cookies. Then something incredible happened

Transgender athlete Mack Beggs

Trans man forced to compete in women’s wrestling feels like he’s ‘winning and losing at the same time’

Activists trans pride flag Texas

‘Protect trans kids’ chants ring through Texas Capitol as school sports ban dies a welcome death

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