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Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham really, really wants this hole plugging

Senator Richard Cash speaking before the South Caroline senate

Vile Republican senator thinks happily married gay people are in direct ‘rebellion’ against God

South Carolina Charleston gay

Gay man chased out of neighbourhood by gun-wielding homophobe yelling ‘we don’t like f****ts around here’

Lindsey Graham

Re-elected homophobe Lindsey Graham threatens to ‘stop the radical agenda’ as Senate result hangs in balance

Lindsey Graham. (Screen capture via Twitter/Fox)

Raging homophobe Lindsey Graham went on live TV to moan about people ‘hating his guts’ and we can’t imagine why

Gay WWE star Sonya Deville

Terrifying stalker arrested after targeting gay WWE superstar Sonya Deville in a sinister kidnapping plot

US marine corps pride

US Marines celebrate Pride Month and 10 years since Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, firing off legendary clapback at homophobes who complain

Lesbian couple bring legal fight against policy stopping them fostering kids

Lesbian couple bring historic legal challenge to overturn policy that allowed a state-funded foster agency to reject them for being gay

LGBT free zone stickers

South Carolina lawmaker wants referendum to make county similar to Poland’s ‘LGBT-free’ zones

Pete Buttigieg with his husband Chasten in South Bend, Indiana, where he announced he was dropping out of the presidential race

To say the internet has a lot of thoughts about Pete Buttigieg’s presidential run would be a massive understatement

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and US president Donald Trump showed their differences in reacting to Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the presidential race. (David McNew/Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

There’s a staggering difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump reacting to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential race exit

Dad shares the moment he learned to accept his trans kid for who she is

Activists sue South Carolina over law which says schools can only teach LGBT sex ed if it’s related to STDs

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