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Randall Kenan has died aged 57

Trailblazing gay Black ‘literary genius’ Randall Kenan has tragically died, aged 57

anti-LGBT+ Mike Pence

Mike Pence condemned for visit to anti-LGBT+ private school that bans students from discussing sexuality and gender

Gay couple Brandon and Cody TikTok Twitter proposal marriage

Maybe this is the lockdown talking, but this viral video of a guy surprise proposing to his boyfriend just brought us to tears

Church graffiti North Carolina homophobic Nazi swastikas

Church vandalised with ‘sickening’ homophobic graffiti, Nazi swastikas and satanic messages

Black Lives Matter: Police fire on queer bar for giving first aid to protestors

Police open fire on queer bar giving first aid and washing pepper spray out of Black Lives Matter protesters’ eyes

Lesbian couple vanish from their home under 'suspicious' circumstances

Newly-engaged lesbian couple who mysteriously vanished were driving more than 100mph before fatal crash

Affirming Christian pastor

Pastor explains how God instructs him to stand up for the LGBT+ community – even when America doesn’t

Lesbian couple vanish from their home under 'suspicious' circumstances

Two bodies found in car of lesbian couple who mysteriously disappeared just weeks after getting engaged

Lesbian couple vanish from their home under 'suspicious' circumstances

A lesbian couple announced their engagement to the world. Weeks later, they vanished under ‘suspicious’ circumstances

Monika Diamond, a business owner, a mother, and now the fourth trans person murdered in the US in 2020. (Facebook)

Trans woman shot to death inside an ambulance as medics fought to save her life

Trans bathroom

Trans student with kidney disease sues high school for denying him access to boys’ bathroom

Bad Wig Bandit

FBI hunt man dubbed ‘Bad Wig Bandit’ who robbed three banks while dressed in drag

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