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Pride flag flies Historic Mormon Temple

Gay Mormon student sent death threats after being labelled ‘anti-Christ’ by professor

Anonymous letters were sent to residents in the Autumn Drive neighbourhood in Sandy, Utah

‘Concerned’ Mormon sent anonymous complaint to neighbours about Pride flags. They probably weren’t expecting this response


Influential Mormon therapist issues ‘painful’ apology for homophobic past as he reveals his two sons and grandson are gay

Star Trek

Mormon and hardcore Star Trek fan explains how Spock helped him accept himself as a transgender man


Mormon leaders address coronavirus pandemic, somehow manage to make it about ‘sinful’ gay sex

Mormon protest New York

Protests against Mormon university ban on ‘same-sex romantic behaviour’ reach New York, more than 1,000 miles away


Mormon church confirms harsh punishments for trans members in new handbook

The Mormon church had faced mass resignations over the 2015 anti-LGBT policy

Mormon dad with lesbian daughter launches scathing attack on his church’s homophobic teachings

Mormon university

Mormon university that bans ‘homosexual behaviour’ allows same-sex dancing for the first time

Ed Smart

Ed Smart, father of infamous kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, speaks out for first time since coming out as gay

Linday Preston (L) and husband Mark are Mormons who claim they are "no homophobic" but also say gay sex is "immoral". (Screen capture via W)

Mormon couple claim they’re ‘not homophobic’ despite believing gay sex is a sin

Gay Mormon Republican Nathan Ivie feels ‘free’ since coming out

Gay Mormon Republican Nathan Ivie feels ‘free’ since coming out

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