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CDC experts try to understand rare monkeypox deaths

Monkeypox: Experts investigating why 12 people have died during outbreak

Jonathan Van Ness says US government has 'botched' monkeypox response

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness blasts US government for ‘botching’ monkeypox response

A person holds a sign reading: 'Monkeypox is not just a gay thing'

Monkeypox expert answers most common questions, from sex and symptoms to vaccines and transmission

A medical professional prepares a dose of the monkeypox vaccine on July 23, 2022 in London, England.

UK monkeypox outbreak may be slowing down, new figures suggest as vaccines run out

A man receives a monkeypox vaccine

Monkeypox vaccine-maker urged to put ‘people before profit’ and stop gatekeeping jab

Vaccinated man put under quarantine after roommate got monkeypox loses court case

Monkeypox: Vaccinated man put into quarantine after roommate tests positive loses court case

Monkeypox: Dog tests positive after sharing bed with owners

In the photograph on the left, people line up behind a sign at UK Black Pride that reads 'Free monkeypox vaccine here'. The image on the right is a still from a video in which Dr Will Nutland speaks to the camera while wearing a white shirt, red handkerchief and dark baseball cap

Group addresses ‘huge inequity’ in monkeypox vaccine rollout by offering vaccines at UK Black Pride

A photograph shows a syringe with a dose of the Monkeypox vaccine at the Edison municipal vaccination centre in Paris

World Health Organization to rename monkeypox amid stigmatisation concerns

Wes Streeting.

Tories need to start taking monkeypox seriously before it’s too late, shadow health secretary says

Computer generated image of multiple monkeypox viruses

LGBTQ+ charities and Truvada-maker Gilead launch $5 million monkeypox fund

Monkeypox: Stigma driving cases underground in India

Monkeypox: Gay men in India refusing testing and treatment over fear of being outed

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