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Governor John Bel Edwards Louisiana

Louisiana governor vows to veto ‘unnecessary’ bills discriminating against trans kids

On the left: Chance Seneca's mugshot. On the right: Holden White poses as he looks towards the camera, his hand on his shoulder

Teenage Jeffrey Dahmer fanatic ‘mutilated victims to keep body parts as trophies and food’

Holden White

Grindr attack that ended in a teen’s hands being almost cut off is now being prosecuted as a hate crime

Kee Sam

Black trans woman Kee Sam becomes the 28th known transgender person murdered in the US this year so far

Man allegedly fired gun because woman called him gay

Woman claims fragile man held a gun to her head and fired because she called him gay

Black trans women and trans man murdered

Three Black trans Americans horrifically murdered – two within 48 hours – as epidemic of violence reaches record levels

This pastor says Pride hurts the soul and COVID only affects Black people

Meet the pastor who thinks Pride hurts the soul, says COVID only affects Black people and has the overwhelming support of his parish

Teenager mutilated and left for dead by Jeffrey Dahmer fanatic Grindr date

Teenager mutilated, ‘tortured for hours’ and left for dead by his Jeffrey Dahmer fanatic Grindr date

conservatorship Britney Spears honours frontline healthcare workers during coronavirus

Tens of thousands call for Louisiana Confederate statues to be replaced with true American icon, Britney Spears

McKinsley LaKeith Lincoln

A proud gay Black man was found dead hours after his family reported him missing. They had to find out through a neighbour he’d been killed

hiv-positive discrimination

HIV-positive former police officer wins $90,000 in discrimination case


Homophobic hate preacher claims ‘true Christians don’t mind dying of coronavirus’. Yes, really

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