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On the left: Lil Nas X gives Satan a lap dance. On the right: A black t-shirt which reads, 'I Love Jesus And That One Part In The 'Montero' Music Video By Lil Nas X When He Gets Nasty With The Devil Because It Was A Cool Form Of Self-Expression And Art'

Lil Nas X trolls religious haters and says ‘getting nasty with the Devil’ is ‘a cool form of self-expression’

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X shuts down absurd theory he’s only gay to sell records

Harry Styles smirks in a lace shirt.

Harry Styles nominated alongside Sam Smith and Lil Nas X for LGBT+ award

Robert Stafford Instagram @rlstafford_sang Lil Nas X mother 

Lil Nas X’s dad hits back at trolls who blame rapper for his mum’s addiction

Lil Nas X Arts & Raps All Def Music

Lil Nas X answers kids’ hilariously awkward questions about coming out

On the left: Lil Nas X smiles as he drives a car. On the right: Dominic Fike and Lil Nas X, shirtless, share a kiss while half-submerged in a river

Lil Nas X makes out with singer Dominic Fike in trippy new Brockhampton video

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X whips fans into a frenzy with claim Montero is being removed from streaming sites

Lil Nas X

‘Now I know why he’s called Woody’ – Lil Nas X shares ‘Montero’ video of Toy Story icon grinding on Satan

Lil Nas X

It’s official – twerking for Lil Nas X is an acceptable reason to miss your World of Warcraft raid

Lil Nas X's blood-filled 'Satan shoes' face product recall amid Nike lawsuit

Lil Nas X’s blood-filled ‘Satan shoes’ to be recalled after Nike lawsuit

Lil Nas X Animal Crossing

Gamer hilariously recreates Lil Nas X’s bottoming anthem in Animal Crossing. Yes, really

Lil Nas X Twerk Hero

Lil Nas X’s Twerk Hero video game is as bonkers and unapologetically queer as you might expect

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