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James Webb, a middle-aged man in a suit, and a space telescope made up of large yellow hexagonal panels

NASA’s new space telescope named after official who led a homophobic ‘purge’

Polish court acquits activists threatened with prison over posters of rainbow Virgin Mary

European Union to be declared LGBT+ ‘freedom zone’ in response to terrifying rollback of queer rights in Poland

doctor holding hand of older person

UK’s first LGBT+ retirement community given green light to open in 2021

Magistrate Richard Page

Christian magistrate stuck off for anti-LGBT+ bias loses court appeal against sacking: ‘He is not the victim’

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift declares ‘trans rights are human rights’ after historic Equality Act vote

teenagers kissing pride nyc

More Americans identify as LGBT+ than ever before, eye-opening new study reveals

David Patrick Schitt's Creek

Dan Levy was sick of seeing LGBT+ people ‘put in danger’ before Schitt’s Creek

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has an LGBT+ ‘blind spot’, says first openly gay MP

Boston Children's Hospital will stop genital surgeries on intersex children

What does intersex mean, and how is it different from transgender?

Frank Wynne Queer anthology

Queer stories should be told because they’re good, not because they’re queer. But we aren’t there yet, says writer Frank Wynne

LGBT Games: 5 of the best queer games to play while stuck in lockdown

Five of the best, kaleidoscopic LGBT+ games from 2020 to play while stuck in lockdown

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