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People hold up signs reading 'equality now' during a rally organised by an activist group in support of LGBT+ legislation in Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan

Trans man challenges Japan’s cruel, archaic gender laws with historic legal action

Demonstrators hold up signs in support of LGBT+ legislation in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s new prime minister could herald a ‘historic moment’ for LGBT+ rights

Participant march in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride parad

Politician offers limp and feeble apology after calling LGBT+ people ‘a disease’

Trans activist and former fencer Fumino Sugiyama smiling in front of olympic rings

Former elite athlete explains how he was forced to quit sport because of transphobia

Takatora Kobayashi: Anti-gay Japanese lawmaker doxes same-sex couple

Cruel Japanese lawmaker doxes same-sex couple, sharing their private information online


Tokyo celebrates as first ward begins registering queer families amid calls for LGBT+ rights overhaul

Court orders woman to pay compensation to man for sleeping with his wife

Pride participants in Tokyo, Japan, call for same-sex marriage

Japan’s archaic ban on same-sex marriage is ‘unconstitutional’, court rules

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World theme park finally opens and it’s like every gamer’s Christmas just came early

Grindr Tokyo 2020 Olympic lgbt athletes

Pressure mounts for Japan to introduce the most basic of LGBT+ rights ahead of Olympics

Gay man outed by boss against his will shunned by colleagues and left needing medical treatment

love hotels japan

Japan ‘love hotels’ accused of illegally turning away gay couples

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