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Pride Tel Aviv Israel covid

An LGBT+ person was attacked every three hours in Israel last year, disturbing report reveals


Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘courts homophobes and racists’ in desperate cling to power

Police officers in Haifa, Israel.

Gay couple slapped with fine by homophobic cops while trying to help sick, elderly mother

Israel confirms being trans is not a mental disorder in ‘important step'

Israel declassifies being trans as a mental disorder in ‘important and significant step for the community’

Daniel Asor Rabbi covid-19 vaccine gay

Crackpot rabbi thinks the COVID-19 vaccine can turn people gay


Israeli officials call for sweeping gender law reform including self-ID and recognition for trans youth and non-binary people

Grindr has revealed the countries with the highest numbers of tops and bottoms

Grindr reveals which countries have the most tops and the most bottoms

British-Iranian anthropologist Kameel Ahmady, who was charged with "promoting homosexuality" in Iran

British-Iranian academic imprisoned for eight years for ‘promoting homosexuality’


Israel launches trans task force to tackle ‘exhausting, frustrating and bureaucratic’ hurdles faced by community

Rabbi Benny Lau same-sex couples

Leading Israeli Orthodox rabbi declares Jewish law doesn’t forbid same-sex couples from raising children

Tel Aviv gay couple attacked at pool

Gay couple violently attacked by homophobes in public swimming pool for wearing ‘too narrow’ trunks

The storefront of a printing shop in Ramat Gan, Israel, was vandalised. (Facebook)

Depraved homophobes spray swastika on Israeli store that hung a ‘Pride tag’ to make LGBT+ folk feel welcome

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