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Instagram trans censorship protested with 'Deserve To Be Here' campaign

Instagram accused of ‘sexualising, policing and censoring trans bodies’


Instagram launches anti-bullying feature to combat ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ abuse

Side-by-side of two images of Britney Spears posing to the camera in front of bushes in a crop top

Britney Spears says she’s ‘happy to share’ with fans that are ‘concerned with my life’ in cryptic video

185 German actors come out LGBT

185 actors came out as LGBT+ en masse to send a warning shot to bigots in the industry

Jonathan Van Ness joe Biden

Jonathan Van Ness celebrates Joe Biden’s inauguration in the most Jonathan Van Ness way

Troye Sivan sexual health condom TikTok

Troye Sivan regales fans with awkward yet hilarious condom story from sexual health screening

Sam Cushing criticised for travelling abroad

Influencer Sam Cushing savaged for half-hearted ‘hollow apology’ after admitting he flew to Mexico for New Year’s

Luke Evans in a tuxedo, looking to his right

Luke Evans thinks ‘relationships and break-ups are hard’ after confirming split with boyfriend

Barrett Pall Instagram model coronavirus

Gay model Barrett Pall breaks down why Americans fleeing to Mexico to party is ‘classic, ableist and racist’

Dozens of men in a pool at a circuit party

Furious mayor slams ‘white privileged people’ flocking to Mexico for gay circuit parties and bringing COVID with them

GaysOverCovid Instagram account is shaming gay men to save lives

GaysOverCovid whistleblower is shaming gay men partying through the pandemic to save lives

Gay couple had their Instagram account removed for violating rules

Adorable husbands devastated after their popular Instagram account was shut down for ‘violating’ rules

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