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High school issues apology after listing trans girl for Homecoming King

High school issues grovelling apology after listing trans girl for Homecoming King. She’s so humiliated she wants a transfer

Krystal Brazel Indiana coach

Softball coach worked at a religious school for years as an openly gay woman. But she was fired for marrying her true love

queer-owned restaurant

Queer-owned restaurant is delivering a side of sickening drag with every order during lockdown


Teenager vandalises lesbian couple’s house and car with hateful homophobia and crude graffiti penises

In news you simply had to read 300 words on because you clicked this link, former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has shaved his head. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Pete Buttigieg proves his gay credentials by shaving his head during quarantine

Pete Buttigieg with his husband Chasten in South Bend, Indiana, where he announced he was dropping out of the presidential race

Republican senator makes insipid joke about Pete Buttigieg being penetrated by Joe Biden

The Trump administration has intervened in the Supreme Court case.

Mike Pence says he’s ‘proud’ of his abysmal handling of Indiana’s HIV crisis

Sabrina Haake is running for congress in the home state of Mike Pence.

Lesbian environmentalist runs for congress in the home state of Mike Pence

same-sex parents Indiana

Same-sex parents can now be named on children’s birth certificates after landmark Indiana court ruling

gender-neutral child

Parents raising children as gender-neutral asked by homophobes if they’re scared of ‘making them gay’

Jake Steiner, an Eastern Hancock High School student, was assaulted by waves of homophobia until it proved too much. So he hit back in a powerful way. (Jake Steiner/Snapchat)

High school student makes a powerful statement after being called a ‘f****t’ one too many times

trans suicides

School board member caught on camera saying ‘cry me a river’ and pretending to play a violin about trans suicides

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