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Side-by-side stills of the moment a a nun pulled two women apart for kissing

Homophobic nun blames ‘the devil’ for two female models kissing in the street

Woman given ‘last rites’ by priest during harrowing conversion therapy: ‘It was ritual abuse’

A Pride flag inside John Wesley's New Room

World’s oldest Methodist church to finally allow same-sex marriage: ‘It’s the natural next step’

Ted Lieu, a Democrat lawmaker from California, stands at a podium before the state's House while wearing a white button up shirt, red tie and grey suit jacket

Democratic lawmaker Ted Lieu points out the glaringly obvious about Jesus Christ and homosexuality

Protestors gather outside a bar in Texas with one person shouting into a megaphone while another person holds a sign reading 'Protect TX kids'

Far-right ‘Christian fascists’ launch chilling, hateful attack on family-friendly drag show

Dillon Awes of Stedfast Baptist Church

Christian hate preacher calls for execution of ‘every single homosexual’: ‘This is what God says’

Thousands of people march in the streets of city center during the annual Gay Pride parade organized by LGBT activists in Athens

Anti-LGBTQ+ Greek priests urge prime minister to block same-sex marriage

LGBT+ people have been subjected to what we now refer to as "conversion therapy" in terrifying and unsettling ways.

Charting conversion therapy’s harrowing history – from its barbaric roots to present day cruelty

Liz Truss removing her face mask

Thousands of church leaders tell Liz Truss to ban so-called conversion therapy, now

Demonstrators in favour of LGBT+ rights rally outside the US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court to decide whether it’s OK to discriminate against LGBT+ customers

Gene McGee has been told to stop censoring LGBT+ books

Thousands of Christians demand Mississippi mayor stop censoring LGBT+ books in their name

Bishop calls on Catholic Church to declare homosexuality is no longer sinful

Top cardinal calls for drastic overhaul of Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality

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