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Jesus on cross

‘Christian against Trump’ epically schools pastor over his anti-trans flock

‘Christian Lives Matter’ protesters try to drown out gay concert with prayers and tone-deaf hymns

Gay couple share Cadbury's Creme Egg

Gay Creme Egg advert isn’t going anywhere despite 25,000 bigots’ best attempts

'Ex-lesbian' Lisa Miller kidnapped daughter Isabella from her partner Janet Jenkins

‘Ex-lesbian’ who stole child away from former partner and fled the US arrested after 12 years on the run

woman and her daughter walking together back portrait

Eight-year-old expelled from Christian school after telling another girl she had a crush on her

Christian Anglican Church of North America LGBT

Bishops council issues dangerous, misleading guide on praying the gay away

James Dobson in a red tie and black suit standing by his wife Shirley Dobson (L)

Kids doomed ‘to hell’ when Joe Biden’s ‘radical left ushers in more LGBT+ propaganda’, fears hate group founder

Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies

Christian archbishop hits out at church for ‘dishonouring God’ by acknowledging same-sex marriage


Christian adoption agency that only placed children with married straight couples won’t be shut down, court rules

Employment tribunal Kristie Higgs rse lgbt inclusive education

School worker who attacked LGBT+ ‘indoctrination’ wasn’t sacked for being Christian, tribunal rules. She was fired for homophobia

Cayman governor pleads for kindness after threats to 'lovingly' hang gays

Christian group threatens to hang gay people ‘in a loving way’ in terrifying leaked WhatsApp messages

Preacher’s daughter suspended for wearing ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt

A preacher’s daughter was sent home from school for wearing a ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt. He’s threatening to sue

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