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former primate of nigeria nicholas okoh

Retired primate of Nigeria says UK is trying to ‘adulterate’ the Bible with same-sex marriage

Virginia democrats walk out

Democrats stage dramatic walk-out as Republican-invited pastor condemns homosexuality during prayer

judge refusing to perform same-sex marriages

Judge refuses to perform same-sex weddings because she doesn’t want to offend God

Pride Parade is seen during the 2019 Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. (FilmMagic/FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival )

A town’s Christmas parade was cancelled after threats a ‘love is love’ rainbow float would be pelted with tomatoes

Catholic bishops have praised the plan put forward by Ben Carson

Trump official Ben Carson doubles down on anti-trans comments by quoting the Bible

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Bible might have originally permitted gay sex, leading scholar reveals

LGBT student ‘forced to read bible as school punishment’

(The Spectator Australia and Twitter)

Same-sex marriage is like marrying Satan, says The Spectator magazine

The ex-Mayor of Hell has rewritten The Bible to make it super gay

This pastor says God has copyright on the rainbow not gays

Man engraves homophobic Bible verses on fence because of neighbours Pride flags

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