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Stop Asian Hate Atlanta shooting vigil Washington DC

Sheriff’s official claims Atlanta shooter who killed eight people was ‘having a bad day’

drag race season 12 rock m sakura

Drag Race star Rock M Sakura shares sex worker past in wake of harrowing Atlanta spa shootings

Footage uploaded to social media showed attendees of an unofficial Atlanta Pride party just a shot glass width apart from one another. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Unofficial Pride party ‘packed’ with revellers ends in tragedy as man collapses and dies

White gay men refuse to stop partying during a global pandemic that’s killed 180,000 in the US alone

gay surrogacy

Gay dads welcomed two babies just weeks apart after thinking surrogacy wouldn’t work

Antonio Brown, made history in 2019 when he became the youngest and first openly bisexual elected member of Atlanta City Council.

Trailblazing Black bisexual politician says he ‘will not be silenced’ after being charged with multiple counts of fraud

Atlanta gay club heretic

Gay club finally stops letting hundreds of queer men dance cheek-to-cheek after coronavirus cases skyrocket

Lesbian priest is fighting for the homeless population at risk of coronavirus

This lesbian priest is fighting to protect the homeless who can’t self-isolate against coronavirus

Taurence Callagain: Man who pretended to be gay convicted of rape

Man who pretended to be gay to befriend a lesbian is convicted of her violent rape

William Morgan gets life in prison for murdering boyfriend

Stripper sentenced to life in prison for murdering his boyfriend with two gunshots to the head

David Cowan, a deaf interpreter, activist and community leader, dancing his heart out at Atlanta Pride. (Screen capture via Twitter)

This sign language interpreter at Pride is now a gay icon and we have no choice but to stan

All-male Morehouse College to start accepting trans students

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