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Elliot Page

Elliot Page fights ‘deadly’ bid to ‘criminalise’ trans kids: ‘Their lives depend on stopping this’

TikTok MissWIlla Marie Milla

Parents of trans kids urged to flee Alabama for ‘somewhere safe’ as total ban on trans youth healthcare passes

Two photographs of Bella Pugh, one in a rainbow jumpsuit inside and another in an orange jumpsuit outside

Bella Pugh, a gender non-conforming teen, killed at Christmas party. Their mother says it’s because they wore a rainbow jumpsuit

Jeff Sessions addresses the media after voting in the Alabama Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate on July 14, 2020 in Mobile, Alabama.

Disgraced homophobe Jeff Sessions is watching his political career dissipate in front of his very eyes

Alabama mayor Mark Chambers

Homophobic mayor who called for gays to be killed finally resigns amid outrage over Black Lives Matter comments

Roy Moore lockdown

Roy Moore, who wants to ban gay sex, to represent homophobic pastor arrested for holding church services during lockdown

Kim Davis gay marriage

The Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples is now on a crusade to outlaw same-sex marriage

gender dysphoria

Republicans pass bill to make it illegal for doctors to prescribe life-saving treatment to trans youth

Teens caught on camera screaming vile homophobia at gay couple's home

Teens caught on camera screaming ‘f**k the f****ts’ outside gay couple’s home

A 'Christian' printing company refused to print a college magazine's diversity issue. (Stock photo from Elements Envato)

Christian printing company refuses to print college magazine because it features queer people and drag queens

Alabama student left out of yearbook for wearing tuxedo instead of dress

John Merrill, Secretary of State of Alabama

Alabama Secretary of State claims ‘homosexual activities’ are destroying America

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