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side by side pictures of Lil Nas X and Uncle Murda

Uncle Murda says Lil Nas X will ‘catch AIDS and die’ in disgusting new song Rap Up 2021

Freddie Mercury George Michael

Queen’s Roger Taylor addresses rumours George Michael was going to replace Freddie Mercury

Sad boy sitting on an armchair

Six-year-old scared to leave the house after homophobic neighbour tells him he’ll ‘die of AIDS’

Dinky One: New dating website launches for men with small penises

Sharp drop in new HIV cases due to people having less sex during COVID, data suggests

DaBaby fails to donate to HIV/AIDS charities after vile homophobic rant. Shocker

Marc Thompson sat on an armchair in a navy room

Gripping series celebrates the unsung heroes and untold stories of Britain’s HIV epidemic

Jonathan Blake in the new documentary Positive.

Man diagnosed with HIV 40 years ago still living glorious, full life: ‘I’m one of the lucky ones’

Princess Diana shaking hand of man dying from AIDS was ‘momentous’ for gay community

Princess Diana HIV and AIDS

Princess Diana changed how the world saw HIV and AIDS with one simple yet touching gesture

Sajid Javid

Tory government’s long-awaited HIV Action Plan ‘isn’t enough on its own’ to end transmissions

Lisa Power in Sky documentary Positive

Conspiracy theories and stigma: Lesbian icon Lisa Power recalls AIDS epidemic’s tragic coalface

Joshua Royal posing for a photograph

Teacher wants to dispel harmful, toxic myths around people with HIV: ‘I’m living my best life’

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