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Vitaly Milonov hosts I'm Not Gay

Viciously homophobic Russian politician hosts bizarre ‘guess the gay’ reality TV show

A photo of Elsa Frost provided by Merseyside Police

TikTok’s so-called ‘Banter Queen’ jailed for abusing trans reality TV star Chelsey Harwood

Henry Frömmichen Alexander Schäfer

This trainee priest was expelled from his seminary after he dared to pose for a selfie with a gay reality TV star

Tiffany Pollard transphobia

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard launches revolting ‘transphobic’ attack on reality TV contestant


Trailblazing gay reality TV star infuriates homophobes by saying seven-year-olds should learn about same-sex love

Gwendlyn Brown Sister Wives

Reality TV and Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown comes out as a ‘raging bisexual’ in the most perfect and subtle way

Dillon Passage: Tiger King star defies lockdown to attend wild boat party

Tiger King star Dillon Passage flouts strict lockdown rules to attend a reality TV star’s raucous boat party

Tash Herz Married at First Sight queer body hair

Queer reality TV star says ‘toxic masculinity’ is to blame for ‘archaic’ views on women’s body hair

A man is sleeping with two of six brothers that he's also living with. Not awkward in the slightest, we imagine. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

This guy is living with six brothers and having sex with two of them, yet somehow it isn’t a reality TV show

Frenchy Morgan on the Barcroft TV documentary exploring her journey to looking like a human "anime doll". (Barcroft TV)

Bisexual reality TV star to undergo seven surgeries to look like her ‘favourite anime doll’

Activists are seen celebrating after India's Supreme Court agreed to lift a ban on same-sex relations.

India airs first-ever gay episode of dating reality TV show

(Getty and Instagram/derick dillard)

Reality TV star Derick Dillard fired for transphobic comments against Jazz Jennings

Reality TV star Austin Armacost posts ‘brave’ selfie and people are not impressed

Ed Miliband reveals reality TV offer at PinkNews Awards

Reality TV cop faces misconduct hearing over alleged homophobic abuse

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