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Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster moans that same-sex marriage was ‘imposed’ upon Northern Ireland while missing an obvious point

Leo Varadkar Micheál Martin

If you thought the UK election debates were bad, gay Irish leader Leo Varadkar being grilled on drugs is excruciating

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren promises at least half of her cabinet will be women and non-binary people

Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey declares unequivocally that trans women are women and backs self-ID

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Pole dancers up in arms after Pete Buttigieg pulls out of gay club fundraiser at last minute

Sabrina Haake is running for congress in the home state of Mike Pence.

Lesbian environmentalist runs for congress in the home state of Mike Pence

Jess Philips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, is on the ballot to become the next leader of the party. (Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Jess Phillips quits Labour leadership race after gay bar rally and fiery Mumsnet trans row

Pete Buttigieg is attracting conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists think Pete Buttigieg is a spy for the CIA because of his ‘hypnotic blue eyes’

Labour's Jess Phillips was not popular with Mumsnet users

Labour’s Jess Phillips doubles down on support for trans women during fiery Mumsnet interview

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders thinks being a woman is a ‘problem’ for Elizabeth Warren

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg smiling / staff at the Dark Lady standing around its dance pole

Pete Buttigieg’s husband cancels fundraiser at gay bar ‘because it has a dancer pole’

Leo Varadkar Paddy Holohan Sinn Fein

Sinn Féin politician and former MMA fighter expelled for suggesting Leo Varadkar is unfit to lead because he’s gay

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