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Gina Miller at the PinkNews awards 2019

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller attacks Boris Johnson in passionate speech on empathy while honouring Ruth Hunt

Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush

Instead of anti-trans violence or workplace discrimination, Democratic presidential candidates were asked about Ellen and George Bush

Sir Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer recalls fighting to repeal anti-gay laws in the Commonwealth at PinkNews Awards

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson pledges all young LGBT people will ‘feel safe at school’ in welcoming statement to PinkNews Awards

Dawn Butler slams Liz Truss over government 'failing' LGBT community after surge in transphobic hate crimes

EXCLUSIVE: Dawn Butler slams Liz Truss over government’s ‘failing’ of LGBT community after surge in transphobic hate crimes

icelandic minister

Gay Icelandic minister unleashes on anti-LGBT Trump lackey who compared homosexuality to alcoholism

President Donald Trump was ordered to stop using the band's music

Queen forces Donald Trump to stop using ‘We Will Rock You’

Trans community’s ability to vote threatened by Boris Johnson’s voter ID plans

Everton Blair sits on Gwinnett County Board of Education in Georgia,

Democrat politician comes out while making powerful point about intersectionality

CNN anchor mocks Kamala Harris for sharing her pronouns with a joke so bad it’ll make your skin crawl

Elizabeth Warren’s scorching put-down when asked about same-sex marriage is absolutely perfect

Joe Biden

Joe Biden went on a bizarre rant about gay bathhouses and round-the-clock-sex – and people are very confused

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